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Water Fountain Stop Motion by DestinyRoses Water Fountain Stop Motion :icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 0 0 Two Tomb by DestinyRoses Two Tomb :icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 0 0 Tomb Flowers by DestinyRoses Tomb Flowers :icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 0 0 Single Ball by DestinyRoses Single Ball :icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 1 0 Multi Light Ball by DestinyRoses Multi Light Ball :icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 0 0 Lily Lights by DestinyRoses Lily Lights :icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 1 0 Led Lights by DestinyRoses Led Lights :icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 0 0 Fire Lights by DestinyRoses Fire Lights :icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 0 3
She wished she could of seen this coming.  The pain, the despair, the sheer brutality of it all.  It lay there in its death throes. No, not her. That would have been kind. Instead she was forced to watch it, helpless to do anything else. It's faint heartbeat mirrored her own so well she had a hard time discerning where hers ended and its began. She stood at its bedside, light channels of misery marring the stone faced expression.  Her body felt numb, always afraid that if she moved it would be over, and it would be gone. She strained to hear its waning breathes. It would lay still for awhile, stagnant to the point she assumed it was over.  Then slowly it would regain its unsteady rhythm and she would return to staying alert.  It was cruel, this constant descent into despair only to be buoyed by a life raft with holes.
She knew it was only a matter of time. There was no saving it, no last minute miracle.  Others clung to the ho
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It Gets Better
The only sound
was the soft patter
of feet against cold ground.
A form walks across the stage
with curtain lowered behind
to stand in front of a microphone dead center.
Soft clearing of the throat brings
the hushed audience to attention.
An illumination from above
exposes all flaws in the form.
Slowly the voice utters forth in song
in a weak and timid
yet still beautiful voice.
"I want to show you who I am..."
Immediate uproar follows
drowning out every word the person
tries to share with the audience.
Screams of hatred
Threats of violence
Soon words aren't enough
and things are being thrown
"I just want to show you I can love..."
Pleas fall on deaf ears
even as the voice attempts
to get stronger.
And for every step forward
that beautiful voice takes
it's pushed back two with hatred.
"I just want to live my life..."
Somehow that gets through
but only manages to incite the crowd further.
A sob is choked back
arms that were raised in pleading
fall hopelessly to the sides.
A cheer of vict
:icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 1 0
The Voyeur
An ancient chamber
Divided into three sections
A throne is raised high above
Lonely figure upon it gazing down.
In one section
A man who acts like a boy
And a girl not ready to stop living.
Oh how they adore each other
But they dance around
Neither willing to yield
And feel as if they have wasted time.
Every so often they point at each other accusingly
And turn their heads up to the figure alone in the throne.
They plead for an answer.
The figure merely shakes it’s head and sighs,
Voice of reason echoing forth.
“You are perfect for each other
There is a time to worry
And a time to live.
You are both far too young to worry.
So my advice to you is..

The middle section
A man caught between women
And the one who makes him happiest.
Oh how they care for one another
But with his other woman
Neither willing to talk about it
And simply try to hide it from the world.
Every so often they shrug at each other
And turn their heads up to the figure alone in the throne.
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A year
A year of emptiness
A year of no love.
A year of no tender kisses.
A year of no whispered sweet nothings
A year of heartache.
A year of weightloss and nothing gained.
A year of dreams that never came true.
A year of wishful thinking.
A year of lonely nights.
A year of never catching someone's eye.
A year of one date that ended in comedic disaster.
A year of smiles with no substance.
A year of laughter that echoes in its hollowness.
A year without a 'him'
A year of dragging steps
A year of wistful sighs
A year....and I give myself another two.
:icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 0 2
Oh how I long
Oh how I long for that
sense of love again.
The feeling that arms
could envelop you
and chase those
nightmares away.
Oh how I long for that
feeling of hope again.
The soft touch of lips
upon mine
that say how much
he cares.
Oh how I long for that
romantic moment again.
When he looks
in my eyes
and all my desires
come true.
Oh how I long for that
dream to come true again.
So that I might believe
that love has not run away
and abandoned me
:icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 1 4
Fate Chosen
Not even twenty five
but a father already.
In the olden years
his son would of been
the epitome of honor
and malehood.
A man who bred sons
was a man's man.
A man who deserved
the utmost respect.
In this day and age
it's a symbol of shame
and disgrace.
Most mock him.
Most laugh.
From all around
all he gets is
"You should marry her"
From family
From friends.
The little support he gets
isn't enough.
Though he is
attractive enough
he can't seem to find
a woman willing
to spend even a night
with him.
They hear
"I have a son"
and turn the other way.
A strong man,
not necessarily the kindest.
There could be no fate worse
for a man who lives to make his own destiny
than one that picks the road for him.
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Angel of Love
Reaching out to
The Angel of Love
Has never been an easy task.
One could reach
Just as the little boy
Tries to reach for the moon
But forever it eludes his grasp..
My grasp.
Time and again
She gets so close
Only to pass me over
Like the angel of death
Passed over those homes
In Biblical Egypt.
I wasn’t aware
That I had smeared blood
On the door of my heart.
Again I reach
She pulls back in laughter.
Saddened that the mockery
Hurts less than the actual act
Of being alone.
Teasing me with imperfection
Lies and betrayal.
How much longer I can stand this
I do not know.
But my heart is breaking
Into shards within me
And my arms grow heavy.
:icondestinyroses:DestinyRoses 0 2


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And sharing my photography class photos.
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Melissa Horwich
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Personal Quote: If you look behind you, you'll only see yourself in the way of others.


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